The Misadventures of

Spy Matthias

the world premiere of

a new comedy


March 13 - April 4, 2015

Directed by Darren Evans

Interview with the playwright, Joe Byers


TOF: How long have you been working on "The Misadventures of Spy Matthias"?


JB: On and off for about 12 years—during which time I’ve written a bunch of other plays.  I’ve always got two or three things in the works at any one time.



TOF: What's your favorite thing about Matty?

JB: His extravagant generosity of spirit—which winds up getting him in deep trouble, as you’ll see.



TOF: What piece of the play are you most looking forward to seeing come alive?

JB: The visual storytelling.  I’ve never done a production where visual images were such an integral part of the experience.  Darren Evans is a genius at this stuff. (ed.: Joe was not payed to say that.) I am prepared to be wowed.



TOF: What do you relate to most in the play?

JB: Aside from all the exuberant and anguished sex?  I’d say it’s the promise of salvation that just keeps drawing Matty (and all of us) like an insistent magnet, no matter how we try to resist.



TOF: Are you working on anything new/ what's your next project?

JB: Yes I’ve got a few things twitching to get on a stage.  The newest is a two-hander about the temptation of Thomas Merton, who would’ve been 100 this year.



TOF: If you were ever to write an erotic novel, what would be it's title?

JB: That’s easy: “Pud Luv—The Story of a Boy and His Turtle”