The Resident Lab, led by the Charlestown Working Theater and Theatre on Fire, is a collaborative initiative that creates opportunities for trainings, readings, open rehearsals, social events and more. Through a focused intentional diversity of programming, both on the stage and in supplement to the presented work, the two companies will work together, along with other artists, to foster an engaged community of artists and audiences.


Summer & Fall 2014 Events

Tuesdays, September 16, 23, and 30

Suzuki Actor Training

Suzuki Actor Training - Introductory Workshops

A three class series covering basic principles and exercises from this highly stylized, movement-based form created by Japanese teacher and director Tadashi Suzuki and made popular in the US by Siti Company. Informed by ancient Noh theater, hands on work with Grotowski, and Stanislavski's Method the Suzuki Training Method uses physically demanding forms and exercises to help actors increase kinesthetic and body awareness; expand their toolbox; and encourage deep listening on stage to increase focus, readiness, and depth of relationships on stage.

Teacher: Mary-Liz Murray
* Open to actors ages 18+
* Registration Required
* $12 per class session or $30 when you register for all three
* Email to register