If you're like us, you're tired of the same old boring fundraisers, each pretty much the same as the last.  Well, strap on your party pants, friend, because it's time for THE MOST AMAZING FUNDRAISER IN THE HISTORY OF FUNDRAISERS:


Join us on Saturday, August 15, 8pm at the Charlestown Working Theater to celebrate ten wild, innovative, intimate and not-at-all-boring seasons of Theatre on Fire and help launch us into the next ten years.











Plus we'll have great food and drink, door prizes, post-battle karaoke free-for-all and other shenanigans.  Trust us, it will be like no event you've experienced before! 



The FireBall starts with a costume ball, so dress up in your fanciest duds and/or your most creative costume.  The theme is FIRE.  So you'd better be hot!  If you want, enter the costume competition for a chance at glory and prizes.


We continue with inductions into the Ring of Fire, wherein we honor some of the amazing people who have helped make Theatre on Fire what it is today.



The main event is the ULTIMATE BOSTON THEATRE KARAOKE BATTLE!  Eight singers representing eight Boston theatre companies face off head to head in a "final four style" bracket competition to crown the Queen or King of Boston Karaoke. Your votes determine the winners!

Still got questions?  Check out our FAQ below...





I still don't get it.  What the heck is The FireBall?

The FireBall is Theatre on Fire's 10th Anniversary Celebration.  It is first and foremost a party, but it's also a fundraiser.


I saw something about costumes in there.  Must I wear one?

The first part of the evening (culminating in a costume parade/competition) will be a costume ball using the theme of "Fire." We encourage attendees to interpret that theme as loosely or tightly as they wish, but we hope you use it as an opportunity to glam it up a bit.  That said, costumes/dressing up is completely optional (though some amount of clothing is mandatory). If you want to wear grubby shorts and a t-shirt, you won't get any shade from us.  Also, those who wish can enter the costume competition for a chance to win some cool prizes.


How much will this set me back?

Tickets are $50 each and include a karaoke battle bracket.


What is this bracket business?

The main event of the...event is a bracket-style, head-to-head karaoke competition.  It's like the NCAA Final Four basketball championship, only much more entertaining.  Singers representing eight local theatre companies will face off and the audience will vote for who should win each battle.  Everyone who attends will fill out a bracket to try to predict the winner of each head-to-head sing-off.  In the end, there can be only one karaoke champion.  But whoever fills out a perfect bracket also wins an awesome prize!  


What's the prize?

TBA, but it's not theatre tickets.


Will I be asked to bid on stuff or buy raffle tickets once I'm there?

Nope.  We will have some door prizes, but your ticket makes you eligible for those.  And if you want to improve your odds in the karaoke battle bracket contest, you can buy more brackets for $10 each, but that's optional.  Your ticket is all you need for The FireBall.


I can't come to the event, but I want to support it.  How can I do that?

You can support in two ways: first, you can buy a bracket (or a few) for $10 each.  Even if you can't make it to the event, your brackets are still eligible to win!  To do this, click the tick link above and choose the "Bracket Only" option.  If you're not into the whole bracket thing, you can just send us a donation.  Click the donate button below to donate securely online: